Do you have a pet peeve waiting to be scratched? Are you angry about something in your daily life in Singapore and you think tech can solve it? Do you have a dream or idea to help Singapore’s society that you want to work on? And want to start a project with us at BetterSG? If so, read on to find out more on how you can do so!

What’s in it for you?

Still unsure about what’s in it for you when you start a project with us? Read more:

Why you should start a project with BetterSG.

How to start?

<aside> 1️⃣ Please go through this tutorial / quiz (the results don't matter; it's just so that you learn more about our process).

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.

You will also be expected to share your idea at the last page. Please only submit it if you are serious about Pitching the idea!


<aside> 2️⃣ Find Team members for your Pitch:

Pitch Day Schedule

~~Community Fortnightly Meetings will happen every other Tuesday night starting from July 4, 2023. The purpose of these virtual meetings is for sharing your ideas and/or work on your current projects. You should take the opportunity to meet new like-minded people, form groups, and huddle together to work on your project(s).~~

Project Pitch & Demo Day is scheduled to happen every 6 months. During this event, your team should pitch the idea in person.

The upcoming Project Pitch and Demo Day will be slated to happen on 30 Jan 2024

Pitch Expectations

Here are some of the expectations of starting a project with us:

Project Benefits:

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